Should you tint your eyebrows?

Now, if you’re a guy reading this with the perfect brows that you so happen to be born with, please, just go. It’s not fair, do you even understand the amount of products and time and care we ladies take to make sure our brows are on point and then you guys just come on in with oh, yeah they’re just my eyebrows, they always look this good attitude, it just breaks my heart. Totally kidding, but deep down inside we all know it’s true. =(

I first discovered tinting when I was studying, to me I was like what on earth am I doing to myself but turns out, I actually love getting my eyebrows tinted.

Tinting is where you darken particular hairs such as your eyebrows and eyelashes.

  • They give a temporary darker look, which can last up to 2 weeks and make eyebrows appear fuller and adds more definition.
Some of the products I use to tint my brows

Some of the products I use to tint my brows

Having black hair, I tint my eyebrows because I have little gaps in my brows and I love the temporary fullness tinting gives my brows. I love a really dark brow look so I like to switch up between tinting them black or blue black.

  • I don’t tint my eyelashes because it just doesn’t work for me, the colour doesn’t even change and the whole point of tinting is to make it darker and what’s darker than black?

Tinting is especially great for ladies who are fairer, with blonde eyebrows. I know a few people who like to tint them a dark brown, they don’t have to worry about doing their brows in the morning, they’re just there and ready to go.

Tinting also works well when..

  • You’re on a holiday and you don’t want to have to worry about doing your eyebrows and bringing all these different types of brow products.

There are a variety of colours you can tint your brows from light brown, dark brown, chestnut, grey, a deep blue, black, pretty much whatever the therapist has in tint colour.

It’s also a very natural kind of look, to bring about more definition without the need of having to use makeup products, however I have also seen tinting that doesn’t work on some people, but overall it can benefit quite a few.

I like to tint my own brows because it’s a skill that I’m qualified to do and make sure you get a professional to do your tinting!

Let me know if you guys get your brows or lashes tinted,  I wish tinting would work on my lashes, then I probably wouldn’t use so much mascara and until the next post..



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