How I keep my makeup products clean

Hey guys, I thought I would share with you all today how I keep my eye shadows and all my cream products clean especially in between clients and also because I use some of the same products on myself, I want to make sure that I keep them as clean as possible.

  • For all my eye shadows and any powder products that I use such as bronzers and blush, I spritz the crazy out of them with Beauty So Clean Cosmetic sanitiser mist. I first give the powder products that I’ve used with a quick wipe over with a tissue and then spritz over with this cosmetic sanistising mist. As it contains Ethyl alcohol, it’s going to be quick drying and ready to go for the next person. I purchased mine for $20 for 250mL. It also comes in 8mL which is handy for on the go and isn’t too heavy and also 120mL.
Beauty So Clean Cosmetic sanitising Mist LEFT: 250mL RIGHT: 8mL

Beauty So Clean Cosmetic sanitising Mist LEFT: 250mL RIGHT: 8mL

I personally love using Beauty So Clean products, I first discovered this over at IMATS 2011 in L.A and I believe everybody needs to get their hands on this. It states that it effectively cleans, rejuvenates and removes bacteria from pressed powders, eye shadows, cream foundations etc. It has also been dermatology tested and is non irritating.

  • For all my cream products like lipsticks or creme blush, anything that I can scrape onto a spatula I will do in order to minimise cross contamination, but it doesn’t hurt to give those products a wipe over with Beauty So Clean cosmetic sanitiser wipes. This also works great for lipgloss, eye pencils and for mascara wands. It is available in a pack of 48 wipes or 200, unfortunately I cannot remember how much I purchased mine for.
Beauty So Clean Sanitising Wipes

Beauty So Clean Sanitising Wipes

If you’re anything like me, I can really be OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my brushes to all my makeup products even right down to the case I carry my makeup goodies in, you bet I will wipe the heck out of that thing with antibacterial wipes. After any makeup job, it doesn’t matter how late it is or how early, which has happened before, I get home and I need to wash my brushes and give my makeup products a good clean. I do not want any bacteria to take over.

Let me know if you guys found this post useful and also let me know some of the ways you like to keep your products clean and until then..



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