Dear Diary: Nail polish problems..

So the other day I just sat in front of my nail polish stand and was like, What colour should I paint my nails next? I store my nail polishes on this cardboard cake stand I bought a while back and it is so incredibly full of nail polishes that you would think, of course I know what colour to paint my nails, but clearly I do not. #girlproblems

Nail polish cupcake stand!

Nail polish cupcake stand!

I pretty much think that I have every colour out there and in almost every shade, but yet I also like to choose a colour that matches my mood and the other day I just didn’t feel anything ( so sad, I know).  I wasn’t drawn to a particular colour, however I knew I wanted something a bit more mellow and not pink because I have been pinking it up along with pastels, I felt like I needed a bit of a change.

You just know that you definitely have a problem when you have so many different colours of polishes but you don’t know what colour you’re feeling at that moment.

Nail polish problems, I swear!


P.S. Here me rant more here, I don’t really rant I just talk about stuff in 140 characters or less.

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