Lush Daddy – O Violet Shampoo

My best friend and I are Lush obsessed, so whenever we have a catch up lunch, we always say, or I will always say, let’s just walk into Lush and have a look and maybe smell a few things and see what’s new, you know like you would normally do, right?

My mum has been complaining about her hair for who knows how long because she likes to get perms and they always leave a funky smell to it after, those chemicals, are like WOAH!

I decided to buy the Daddy – O Violet Shampoo for her to try and see if that smell would subside and because I like to try new things as well, I started using it too and it is the bomb dot com.

Lush: Daddy - O Violet shampoo

Lush: Daddy – O Violet shampoo

Although it is mostly meant for blonde hair, it does say reds, browns and black hairs can use it as well. I have used this shampoo for probably a week and a bit now and I love it so much. The amount of shine it has given my hair, is crazy. I love putting my hair into ponytails, so it gives it such a sleek and shiny look and my hair has never felt softer.

It is a violet scented shampoo and yes you guessed it, the colour is also violet which makes the shampoo so much fun to use. I love the subtle smell of violets after I’ve washed my hair but also the good clean feeling it leaves.

I will definitely be back on my way to get some more and gift them as well for some friends I love it that much! For my mum however, it didn’t do too much with the chemical smell in her hair and well to be honest she only used it once and then never again.






Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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