Soap & Glory goodies

The very first time I walked past a Soap & Glory stand, I’m not going to lie, but it reminded me a little bit of Benefit cosmetics, only because with the whole pink theme going on and the classic beauties on the packaging, I was a little confused. The second time I walked past it, I said Oh! TESTERS! and willingly walked on over and tried a few things, as you do.

With the winter months approaching, I start to switch on over to my body butters. I find body butters to be very nourishing and they work perfectly for the colder weather. I always look for products that contain shea butter. You want products to have ingredients that deeply moisturise your skin and leave your skin feeling super soft and smooth with none of that cracked, dry and flaky situation happening. Another thing with body butters that I love, is that you tend to use less product on your body as it spreads out a lot more, it’s a lot creamier and silkier in texture compared to your everyday moisturisers.

I purchased The Righteous Body Butter (insert awards here) containing shea butter and aloe vera with other ingredients such as coconut oil and cocoa seed butter, this screams soft and silky skin. The fragrance of this particular body butter is quite strong, my pajamas and bed sheets are just bathing in this scent and it can be a little bit overwhelming especially if you are quite sensitive to any smells, however almost immediately my skin feels amazing and it does its job, it nourishes, it does what body butter does. I also love that it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling after using it.

The Righteous Butter

The Righteous Butter

I moisturise religiously and  always do it straight after I shower, it’s actually the best time to moisturise, your skin is still soft and supple, your pores are still open after a warm shower so whatever product you put on is really going to soak in.

For those days where I just want to shower and sleep and do not want to moisturise after I shower, which is rare but it happens, because it’s life and some days are just harder than others, I use shower gels that I know will help soften my skin and lock in some moisture. I spontaneously just grabbed Clean on me shower gel with a built in lotion and was like, hey, why not. The very first time I used this product I was so amazed that immediately after I rinsed the product off, it left my skin so soft and silky, I couldn’t believe it and I love it so much. This is definitely a great product if you’re in a rush and forget to moisturise, turn to this.

Clean on me creamy clarifying gel

Clean on me creamy clarifying gel

Overall, I am loving Soap and Glory products,  it’s my very first time using these products and I already adore them to bits and would definitely recommend trying out some of their products.

Let me know if you have tried any Soap & Glory goodies, let me know, I want to know, so then I can go buy more and use it all up!



2 thoughts on “Soap & Glory goodies

  1. now I’m going to buy. I’ve always wanted to try something because it smells so luscious. back when I worked in sephora I was obsessed with the hand cream…obsessed. thanks for sharing! (and yes the colors do scream Benefit).


    • OOO I wanted to grab their hand cream as well but I talked myself out of it seeing as I’m trying to use up all my hand creams! lol but thanks so much for commenting, I hope you love it as much as I do, seriously my skin is the softest of soft!


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