Dear Diary: The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014

Now, I am not the one for crowds, but when opportunity comes knocking at your door and you realise that the easter show is on before the school holidays begin, you better believe I’m going to take it!

I have not stepped foot into the easter show for 10 years, but I really wanted to go this year for some weird, unexplainable reason, I got SUPER excited about attending the show. I went on the very first day it opened and yes, it is now 2 days later that I am finally writing about it. It just shows how much fun I had there and also how exhausted I am and how sore my muscles are from all those showbags and goodies and the food, oh my gosh, the FOOD!

My plan when I walked in was to buy all the showbags I wanted, stuff them into a $2 self serve locker and enjoy the rest of my day walking about and eating of course and coffee and free samples of food and other things.  If you’re wondering what showbags I got, all 8 of them, a very, VERY good deal in my opinion, here is the list:

  • Model Co Island fever (of course there has to be a makeup showbag that I wanted)


Model Co Island Fever

Model Co Island Fever

  • Spirit State (for the runner in me, which hasn’t been very active because I hurt my ankle a week ago)


Spirit State showbag

Spirit State showbag

  • The Style Press and Co (for the fashionista I wish I was)
The Style Press and Co

The Style Press and Co

  • Abbots Bakery ( because I wanted the bread board and I wanted to eat bread)
Abbot's Bakery Showbag (I didn't put in the 3 loaves of bread I got)

Abbot’s Bakery Showbag (I didn’t put in the 3 loaves of bread I got)

  • Grinders coffee ( I love coffee and also, I really love coffee and that showbag came with a free coffee)
Grinders Coffee showbag ( the coffee was yum)

Grinders Coffee showbag ( the coffee was yum)

  • Kit Kat (because it came with a mug, I really love cups, I don’t know why, oh the Grinders showbag also came with 4 latte cups)
  • Dairy Milk ( because it came with a weird looking bottle and I like chocolate)
  • Flake ( the best chocolate in the world, how could I not get it?)

It was very heavy to carry home, my muscles hurt a lot and my room still smells like new things even though I tried airing out the millions of bags I got that day.

I had so much fun, there really was so much to do, maybe because there weren’t as many people as I thought there would be, my last memory of the show, the showbag pavillion especially, was  that it was so packed and squishy that I didn’t even want a showbag, but this year it was bearable, there was plenty of space to walk around, not for one second was I freaking out about too many people and the crowds, which was a good thing.

I really loved the shows that they always have, horse jumping, the dog shows, I was super upset I didn’t get to see the woodchopping, people think I’m weird when I say this, but I was really looking forward to that show but of course, it wasn’t on until the next day and all the days after that.

There really were so many rides, I’m not a rides person, so I skipped out on that but there was an animal farm this time and I petted a piggy and ducklings and a goat and a llama and I saw a donkey and the puppies and then I saw the chickens and I was like nah, my neighbours have got chickens, not interested in petting you.



There were also a few stores I haven’t heard of, so I did a bit of research on them and if I really want to go back to the show and get some of their products, I definitely will and also to enjoy the night shows, because I left at 5 because my ankle was starting to give in, but I had a great time and I’m really looking forward to the reviews of some of the products that I bought so I can blog it out here for you all.

Any of you guys attending this year?



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