Dear diary: The go to wake up food/drink

Words cannot explain how much I love a great cafe, the ambiance, the food, the company and of course the coffee.

Cafes have turned into my catch up with friends, need a feed and overall chill session, where, well, we just talk and eating and drinking is just a given when I mention let’s go to a cafe.

Morning Sun!

Morning, Sun!

I look forward to my coffee every morning, even if I have to make it myself at home, I will enjoy it, because I make a good coffee (in my mind), minus the froth. =( On other days where I may be sick, coming down with something or just not feeling that hot drink for the morning, I turn to juices. Ones with lots of oranges, some lemon, carrots, celery, apples, beetroot (such a favourite at the moment) and ginger. You might even be the type to switch up your drink here and there and treat yourself  to a coffee once a week.

Cappucino anyone?

Cappucino anyone?

Whenever I have a coffee or juice, I feel so awake and it just gives me such a boost for the day and lasts me long enough in order for me to not put off  that run later on in the day. I like to call myself a morning person, but you know those days when you just need a coffee or something to help you feel more awake and ready yourself for the day? Those are painful days for myself, but then when I think about getting a coffee, I get a little bit excited inside, or a lot.

I also have been loving big breakfasts, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the fact that there’s so many different options on the plate that I love to eat, greasy or not, yum!

The breakfast of champions, or for people who like to eat... ME!

The breakfast of champions, or for people who like to eat… ME!

Hope you guys are having a great day, I am so confused and so is my style sense because this weather is so spontaneous, I can’t keep up, actually I don’t even want to.





Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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