Rainy Day Essentials

That one day you forget your umbrella because you told yourself, no, it won’t rain, it suddenly starts pouring down on you and now you’re drenched, with no umbrella, improper footwear and your makeup is kind of everywhere.

I honestly hate when that happens because you swear that it was sunny just this morning and as soon as you step out of a building, commence rain!

However, for those overcast days, the chance of rain or sunshine is 50/50, so I thought I’d share with you some rainy day essentials.

Love my poncho, an umbrella, some touch up makeup, a scarf and my booties

Love my poncho, an umbrella, some touch up makeup, a scarf and my booties

  • First thing first, your makeup! Highly unlikey that the makeup you’re wearing is waterproof so I like to keep in my handbag some touch up makeup. A tube of mascara, makeup wipes, concealer, setting powder, whatever you normally use to touch up your face throughout the day.
  • An umbrella, the ones that you can fold up and put into your bag are very convenient to me, every time I have a massive umbrella, I tend to leave it around and forget about it. ( I know, I don’t know how I can forget something like that)
  • Comfy, warm, non slip and protect me from the rain boots. Remember to waterproof your boots because there is nothing worse than walking around with wet feet all day, so gross, you’ll be squelching around everywhere you go.
  • A waterproof jacket, preferably with a hood, I tend to gravitate towards darker colours or just black when it comes to rainy days that way even though you have been rained on, only you know you
  • A scarf which can double up as a hat as well just to save your hair from the rain (frizz, please) and keeps your ears warm too
  • Lots and lots of tissues, in your car or your bag to soak up all that rain, seriously a NEED

Oh, and if it’s super windy plus rain, good luck because I would just bring a towel, and a spare change of clothes and not wear any makeup and forget doing my hair, because it knows, it’s about to get wrecked.

Actually we should all just sport a nice raincoat and some gumboots and go splash in some puddles.





Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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