Nail colour trends

Have you ever looked at some nail polishes and thought, who on earth would ever wear that colour? I admit, there are some really out there colours that almost work, but are not for everybody.

If you follow me on instagram, you would of seen one of my latest posts about a nail polish colour that I have been sporting this past week. I was given this from a friend who didn’t really like it, but I took it anyway because I wanted to build up my nail polish collection.

Nail it! I love that it is true to colour

Nail it! I love that it is true to colour

I admit, I stared at this colour for quite sometime, I wasn’t sure if it would look nice on me. It was a really, I love it, then, I’m not too sure if I do now, and after I put it on, the colour just started to grow on me and I am now in love with it.

Envy by Sportsgirl

Envy by Sportsgirl

In nail polish trend news, I have seen nothing but pastels this year and if you follow those trends or not, they are about to be everywhere, if not already. Pastel shoes, pastel clothing, pastel accessories, pastel nail polishes, it’s everywhere and I’m sure after reading this, you’re probably going to spot them even more.

What do you guys think of this colour? Also, pastels, love it, or not?



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