The tea diaries: My tea saviour

You know you’re coming down with something when you don’t know if you’re feeling hot or cold, you suddenly break out into sweats, your throat is super sore and now you have a headache. Thank you germs from public transport, I love you so very much, NOT!

I feel so defeated at the moment, I should of figured something was up sooner when all I did straight away when I got home yesterday was be a couch potato, not even, more like a bed potato for hours. I’m surprised I even have the energy to be typing this up right now.

The one tea that I love to turn too whenever I feel like there is some sort of sickness about to take over my body is this Lemon & Ginger tea by Twinings.  

Twinings Lemon & Ginger tea of herbal infusion goodness!

Twinings Lemon & Ginger tea of herbal infusion goodness!

Made mostly of ginger root this tea just screams cure! Ginger is great for calming things down, it helps with travel sickness, nausea, headaches and just so much more.  I especially love ginger in my juices as well, it’s one of the ingredients I put in whenever I want to detox everything out. Having lemon is another plus, again great for detoxing, boosting the immune system and anti viral, which is what I need.

I always have a massive cup of this tea with a teaspoon of honey for my throat throughout the day along with lots of lemon infused water which always works for me because I start sweating more and just excreting out all the toxins in my body.

Next time you’re feeling a bit sluggish, getting sick but not quite there yet, give this tea a go, the ginger really packs a punch!

Let me know some other remedies you like to do pre sickness whilst I just go crawl back into bed.

Bye. xx


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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