Dear Diary: The classic black flats

New black flats (style MELLE in black from Williams)

New black flats (style: MELLE in black from Williams)

So, it’s not like I buy shoes often, insert previous post just 8 days ago about my new boots here, I just couldn’t resist when I saw these flats.

Every shoe store I’ve walked into have some kind of pointed shoe style that I tend to gravitate away from because I know my feet will just not love them as much as my heart does. I love getting my shoes from Williams because they fit my feet better and yes you guessed it, these are another pair from that store. Slightly wider feet girls, you will thank this store.

Making an exception to the pointed toed shoes, I bought this pair because it’s actually really comfortable and Williams shoes have not failed me so far.

I love a good classic looking black flat for pretty much everything. The more simple the design makes it easier to mix and match with whatever I’m throwing on that day and would probably explain why I have too many pairs of black shoes.

If you’re interested in these, they’re on sale now at Williams for $29.99 AUD under the style name MELLE and also available in a burgundy red (wine)  and khaki green (olive) colour.



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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