Dear Diary: The top knot hairstyle

If you’ve clicked on this because you think that it may be a how to do a top knot hair tutorial, you are so very wrong, BUT if you keep reading, I will tell you what the top knot hairstyle means to me and surprisingly you might just agree.

I have those days where I just need to get stuff done and because I really need to get everything done in a specific amount of time, life never ceases to make it twice as hard to finish these odd jobs. Agree?

I have been ponytail hair styling it up obsessed lately and just sticking in a clip on bow to make it look like I tried for the day, but sometimes when I’m moving so much, it just falls over my face and then gets annoying to the point where I want to rip all my hair out, but I really don’t because I actually love my hair ( hair blog number 500 million and counting) and I whip my hair so fast into a bun that I surprise myself at my hair whipping skills.

The top knot hairstyle is performed whenever:

  1. I need to get stuff done and need to prevent my hair from falling onto my face. E.g  whilst cleaning, grocery shopping in a record time and getting out of bed
  2. I’ve had a long day at work and my hair is too gross looking to leave out
  3. It’s too hot to leave my hair down because then I’ll sweat more, gross plus 2 and
  4. I just don’t feel like whipping my hair back and forth that day a.k.a can’t be bothered to curl or straighten my hair

Let me know what hairstyle you like to do at this very moment. For me, it’s either a pony tail, top knot or a fake shaved hair to one side look ( for the more, I actually will try days)

Will blog again soon, night routine for my face will be up soon, getting some of my photos in order, hopefully you enjoyed this post.





Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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