My beauty routine: Face edition – morning

I have gone through many many MANY tubs and tubes of products since I was 15. It was definitely a sign that I was into beauty and makeup and looking after my skin and still to this day I have never skipped out on my beauty routine.

I thought today I would share with you all what I do to my face everyday! Keep in my mind I have combination oily skin.

First thing in the morning, I have to cleanse my skin, my cleanser for the morning is from Lush called Let the good times roll. This is a very gentle face wash containing popped corn oil, polenta, maize, flour and cinnamon. It’s very light and creamy and the ingredient maize gives a grainy texture to help gently buff away any dead skin cells and leaves my skin super soft and even (making it ready for that makeup application!) It does leave a tiny residue of a little bit of oil behind. I wasn’t really worried about that because I always use a toner after.

Lush: Let the good times roll facial cleanser

Lush: Let the good times roll facial cleanser

  • Another cleanser I love to use is Cetaphil for the morning, it’s just so light and gentle and doesn’t strip away any excess oils but does a good job in making my skin feel nice and clean.

So, next up I use a toner also by Lush called their Tea tree toner tabs, these things are amazing! I use tea tree oil whenever I feel a really sore pimple coming up and it works wonders, it also helps with scarring as well, so I am a big fan of tea tree. I like to pop these tabs into empty spray bottles and mix it with water and spray it onto my face anytime I need it. I find this way the easiest instead of always having to activate the product with a bowl of water. This just leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and gets rid of any excess residue from my cleanser or any dirt and excess oil from my skin.

Tea Tree Toner Tab

Tea Tree Toner Tab

  • I also love using Clearasil deep cleansing toner, again it just leaves my skin squeaky clean and sometimes when your skin is really icky, you can see all that dirt and grime on the cotton pad, it’s gross.

The next thing is moisturiser, I am using a very light one at the moment, again by LUSH, I’m not being biased, but I have been lush crazy these past few months. I am using their Vanishing cream facial moistuiriser. Ever since I started using this I have noticed a huge difference in the size of my pores. They have definitely gotten smaller and this leaves my skin nice and soft.

LUSH: Vanishing cream

LUSH: Vanishing cream

  • Another moisturiser I am in favour of using is Cetaphil moisturising lotion, again this is just super light and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin.

I also pop on some dark circle corrector in the morning ( lately I have been using this because I just haven’t been getting the best of rests, haha that rhymed) I use Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector. 

Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector

Clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector

Last but not least is of course sunscreen! I am not kidding you, I have seen first hand the benefits of sunscreen when you apply it every single day! I always have some on my face as I do have some acne scars and dark spots on my skin and if you don’t know the sun actually worsens the dark spots, so apply that sunscreen on.

I am forever in love with Neutrogena wet skin sunscreen spray. This thing is the best invention on the market, when it says it will go onto wet skin, you better believe it will, so this is super great for me as I tend to sweat a lot in summer. It’s also great for face and body.

Neutrogena wet skin sunscreen spray

Neutrogena wet skin sunscreen spray

I do all of this every single morning to my face before my makeup application. It’s always good to get into a routine of taking care of your skin, you will thank yourself big time later down the road of life.

Stay tuned, I will have a night routine for you all coming up here soon, don’t forget to check out my instagram if you haven’t yet. I am going to start linking some of my pictures to my current blogs.

Until next time, hopefully not too long, because I know what it’s like to be bored and have nothing  to do and read or watch or do again, BYEE!



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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