Dear Diary: New Boots for the season

YES! Bring on AUTUMN! I am so 100% ready for this weather to change that I went shoe shopping for the sake of celebrating this season!

I like to call Autumn the unpredictable season, sometimes it just rains A LOT and other times it’s so sunny that you forget it is autumn.

I will admit it, I have a problem, a shoe problem. Every time I walk past a shoe store I can’t help but look, I always slow down and glance in and if there’s anything that catches my eye, into the store I go.

For Autumn, I love having a pair of boots, something that will protect my feet from the unsuspected rain that can come out of nowhere, what can I say, unpredictable season and also I love having boots because they’re just so stylish, well for me anyways. Nothing beats a pair of comfy boots that you can walk in all day.

Bring on the rain!

Bring on the rain!

I purchased these cute little booties from Williams, for some reason, every time I walk into that store I always find something I really love and are super comfortable unlike some other shoes where I have to wear them a few times to break them in.

I also really love the zipper on the side

I also really love the zipper on the side

If you’re interested in these they are in the style called ANNIE in black and originally at $80 AUD, however 25% off for members so, I got mine for $60AUD.

YAY for deals!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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