Dear Diary: Accessorising with RINGS!

ACCESSORIES PLEASE! I cannot handle the amount of bling you throw in my face because sometimes I just want to buy you ALL!

I love accessory stores and before I know it, my feet are moving towards the store, whilst my brain is still trying to figure out if I really want to go in there. Oh well, commence shopping!

Here are a few rings I purchased:

Lovisa MIDI ring (MEM MM HEART U)

Lovisa MIDI ring (MEM MM HEART U) $3AUD on SALE



Masquerade ring from ELSA LANVIN

Masquerade ring from ELSA LANVIN ($9.95AUD NOT on sale)

I always like to pick out different kinds of jewellery and be on the lookout for simple pieces that I can put together. Layering rings has become such a big thing that you can’t even have just one ring on one finger anymore, well you can, who am I to stop you.

I picked up a few pieces of jewellery yesterday that I think really make a statement and even look really pretty together, if you follow me on instagram, you’ll know what I mean.

By no means am I a fashionista, but for me I think it’s always good when layering rings to add texture and dimension. Having a simple band ring then another that is shiny and has tiny crystals on top of it look good together, so it doesn’t just look all blah. Even rings with cursive writing through it help break up that one size block kind of image.

Midi rings are great to play around with and look awesome on the fingers as they don’t sit where every other ring sits, meaning you can jazz out your fingers even more.

I put them all together like this:

rings rings rings rings!

rings rings rings rings!

What’s your favourite ring from these pictures?

That masquerade ring though!!



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