The tea diaries: The Tea Room QVB

Well excuse my absence, I have been happily socialising it up with a few friends that I haven’t seen in a while and catching up and eating of course, oh, and coffee and high tea!

Do you ever have those friends that live so close but are so far sometimes and it’s just so difficult to arrange a time when the both of you are free to meet up? THANKYOU, LIFE! You know, when everyone starts getting busy, it’s always good to try and take some time to see the people you love and it feels so much better to just chill and talk and reminisce and plan trips, the monthly catch up I like to call them.

So to the point, I headed over to this amazing high tea place called The Tea Room in QVB. ( so sorry if you are viewing this from another country, but show me your pictures of your high tea experiences, I would love to see them!) I have been obsessed with high tea since my first encounter for my birthday and I am literally on a mission to try out different high tea places.

The Tea Room in QVB

The Tea Room in QVB

I surprised my best friend with a high tea lunch and if you search up the definition of high tea, this place embodied pretty much what high tea was all about.

I love experiencing new environments especially when they’re super pretty and with chandeliers! Come on now.

chandeliers, who doesn't love these?

chandeliers, who doesn’t love these?

I loved The Tea Room because the ambience was perfect. A great little getaway from all that city buzz for a catch up or celebrating something a little bit fancy fancy. When I first walked in, it looked so elegant and delicate, the furnishing was beautiful, think royal with gold and hints of red and pink, the chandeliers and even the design of the roof themed the whole experience.

oooo plates!

oooo plates!

The food was so yummy, I mean how can you go wrong with pastries and scones with finger sandwiches and mini desserts and THE MOST amazing macron to touch my tongue, PERIOD.

ALL the goodies!

ALL the goodies!

For your next getaway to the city I would give this beautiful place a go, we had the traditional afternoon tea for $40 per person and it was ONLY an extra $5 for some champagne a.k.a the happy bubbly fizzy drink that makes me go cray!

There’s always a funny thing with high tea, it never EVER looks filling but once you’re almost done, you start to struggle and are surprisingly full by the end of it.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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