My room officially smells like a Lush store. (which is what I’ve always wanted, I mean come on now, who needs candles?)

I went a little bath bomb crazy the other day and I just picked up pretty much whatever I thought my skin would need. I have been a huge fan of Lush for 5 years now everything from their bath bombs to their skin care needs, I am in love!

So here are a few things that I picked up and I haven’t tried some of them yet, but I am so extremely excited to have a bath that I’ll pretty much find any reason to get in the tub right now.

In bath bomb news:

  • Rose Queen Bath ballistic – This one contains different rose petals in it, smells like roses and lavender ($4.95 AUD)
Rose Queen Bath ballistic

Rose Queen Bath ballistic

  • Big Blue Bath Ballistic – Contains lemon, lavender and seaweed. It says that it is good for clearing the head so yeah! ($6.75AUD)
Big Blue Bath Ballistic

Big Blue Bath Ballistic

  • Avobath Bath Ballistic – Contains fresh avocado for the skin, lemongrass, bergamot and rosewood for the nose. ooooo all my favourites in one! ($6.75AUD)
Avobath bath balistic

Avobath bath ballistic

  • Honeybee Bath Ballistic – Soothing honey in a bath? yes please! ($6.75 AUD)
Honeybee Bath Balistic

Honeybee Bath Ballistic

  • Ickle Baby Bot – Firstly, it’s a ROBOT! My sleep helper, containing lavender and chamomile ($3.95 AUD)
Ickle baby bot

Ickle baby bot

  • Floating Island Bath Melt – I wanted my skin to be super soft so this contains lemon and sandalwood ( $8.50 AUD)
Floating Island Bath MELT

Floating Island Bath MELT

In pearly whites news:

  • Ultra Blast toothy tabs – Forget the toothpaste and crunch on these little tablets instead. Contains three types of mint, wasabi and lavender. This one I have tried and don’t worry it doesn’t burn your mouth like wasabi does!
Ultra Blast toothy Tabs

Ultra Blast toothy Tabs

In squeaky clean soap news:

  • Rockstar soap – Contains grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil , smells like musk and vanilla . The ladies at Lush were kind enough to give me a little free sample of this seeing as I bought so much. =)
Rockstar Soap

Rockstar Soap

In fresh face news:

  • Tea tree toner tab – contains tea tree oil, a perfect toner to get rid of any cleanser left on the skin. I’ve tried this and love it, my skin feels squeaky clean after using it.
Tea Tree Toner Tab

Tea Tree Toner Tab

I hope you enjoyed this post, definitely one of my more colourful posts with loads of pictures. I had so much fun at the Lush store and writing this post up, seriously I smell like Lush.

Let me know guys if you have tried any of these products and which ones I should try next!!

Love you all, have an amazing day, I’ll be spending my afternoon in the bath tub.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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