Dear Diary: My 2014 diary time planner

Good morning everybody or sort of good morning if you are like me and woke up with a pounding headache two days in a row now. Don’t know why, but my head hurts A LOT!

I wanted to post up a dear diary blog today, haven’t done one in a while, it’s been product review crazy the past few posts.

A while back I posted up about my new 2014 journal/diary/notebook, if you want to check it out, click here. Probably a week after that I went into Kikki.K and purchased their 2014 leather time planner (medium) in mint. I have been wanting one of these diaries for years now and I was like you know what I’m going to get it this year because first of all the colour is absolutely gorgeous and very tiffany and co. and it was also 30% off because I decided to buy it 3 weeks into January.

Kikki.K - 2014 diary time planner, medium in mint

Kikki.K – 2014 diary time planner, medium in mint

Maybe you’re not a diary planner lover like I am, you prefer your phone to schedule everything, but maybe it’s the writer in me, I love having organisers like this. It’s available in three different sizes, small, medium and large  (A4size). Each year they come out with a different colour and I love that once I’m done with it, all I need to buy is refills of the pages for the year instead of getting a whole new diary planner.

It reminds me of when I was 10 years old, the girls and I in my class would keep diaries which had fun, different little pages where we would swap one another, it was a craze you could say. It has 7 different tabs or sections such as monthly view, weekly view, addresses, birthdays & anniversaries, shops & restaurants (FOODIE!!), to do pages and an expenses section as well.

The very back of this planner has a notes section, perfect for me when I have an idea, I can just jot it down and also comes with a pen holder as well.

expenses and notes section and a pen holder, YES!

expenses and notes section and a pen holder, YES!

The front of the diary planner contains 4 different compartments for pieces of paper, receipts, whatever you want to put in there.

compartments, just what I need in a diary

compartments, just what I need in a diary

All attached in a binder which makes it easy to add more pages or get rid of old ones. Plus it has a very convenient ruler or my page saver as I like to call it to help you find where you’re at.

I love the size of the medium, it’s just a bit shorter in length to an A5 sized piece of paper, it is actually quite thick in itself with all the pages in there, but it has a handy strap to keep everything together.

Unlike my 2014 notebook/journal, this diary time planner is something I’m not too worried about people seeing or looking through, it just has a whole lot of boring business and life stuff that some people won’t even understand.

Anyways, let me know if you guys have a a 2014  diary time planner, I’m always on the lookout for new stationary stores, I just really like that stuff, mostly it’s on display on my table because I don’t want to use it, it just looks pretty sitting there.

Until next blog, I will write words here soon.

Bye! xx

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