My types of perfumes feat. Vera Wang Pink Princess perfume

Oh valentines day! While everybody is pretty much getting all loved up today, I thought I would tell you all how much I love my new perfume that I just bought and thought this would be a great valentine’s day post because my perfume bottle is none other than a LOVE HEART! (coincidence much?)

Vera Wang Pink Princess eau de toilette spray

Vera Wang Pink Princess eau de toilette spray

I have not done a perfume review in quite sometime mainly because I refused to buy any new perfumes until I finished the two out of four that I currently own, but I needed an everyday perfume so to the shops I went. (what’s new?)

Perfumes are a tricky thing, you walk into the store thinking that you know what you want, but then this brand comes out with a new fragrance and it smells really nice. You then try on a few more perfumes and the next thing you know, you smell like a perfume store. Dilemma inserted. You now do not know which perfume to get. On top of that, which do you choose the Eau De parfum ( the one that lasts longer and has a stronger scent) or the Eau de Toilette (a lighter scent but doesn’t last as long)?

Did you know: When spraying perfume onto the skin, you shouldn’t rub it together, e.g wrist to wrist, as it changes the scent of the perfume.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I love having different types of perfumes. The everyday perfume, the special occasion perfume, the work perfume, the shopping perfume, the first impression perfume and the this is so me perfume, which definitely makes deciding which perfume or spray to get even more difficult.

For my everyday perfume, I love choosing Eau de Toilette sprays. Even thought the scent doesn’t last as long, it’s a lot more lighter, so more suitable for every day because stronger perfumes tend to give me a headache when I am constantly surrounded by that same scent, which just lingers and if it’s a musk smell, then my headache will turn into a throbbing, pounding pain.

I ended up getting Vera Wang pink princess eau de toilette spray which I happily can say I bought for 40% off at $ 47.40 AUD for 50mL.

Oh, Hi! I'm a love heart, a princess love heart

Oh, Hi! I’m a love heart, a princess love heart

First off, this packaging is probably the most girliest thing I own in my room. You probably think that being a makeup artist I have lots of brushes, I love my tea so I have cute little tea sets sitting around, but none of them look like this bottle. Like I mentioned above, it’s a love heart covered entirely with purple and pinkish glitter and the lid is the cutest little crown with the same coloured jewels around it and finished off with a little silver tag with the name of the spray.

I have a crown as a lid

I have a crown as a lid

It has a very sweet and fruity smell to it consisting of a pink grapefruit and rasberry sorbet scent. It says it also contains pink hibiscus, honeysuckle and marshmallow and white amber as the base notes.

To me this perfume is just a whole lot of sweet goodness. It’s a very girly and fun scent. If you’re a fan of  anything sweet, this would be a  great perfume for you. I could see myself wearing this throughout all the seasons but mainly summer and spring when things are a bit bit more lively.

I never buy the same perfume more than once because I just love trying different scents but this spray is just sweetness in a bottle and if you haven’t tried it out yet, go give it a whiff, seriously, it’s so sweet.

Let me know do you guys have a perfume for every different occassion, I know I’m not the only one. I’m down to  about 5mL of my D&G no.3 that I only spray when I go somewhere special and I’m so sad that it’s almost finished because it was a limited edition!


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