Models Prefer DD fresh face daily detox

When you think they’ve finally stopped with the double letter alphabet, the saga continues. Introducing DD creams! Forget the BB and the CC, get your hands on this new one, which is what I did.

This product is your take on BB creams or otherwise known as beauty balms. It says that it has a high content of purified water which will give skin an immediate hydrating feeling. It is also enriched with a mix of detoxifying plant extracts (such as rosa centifolia flower water, rosemary, ginkgo biloba leaf extract to name a few) and contains moisturising natural oils which help to achieve a flawless coverage that conceals and blends seamlessly. (and breathe!)

To read more about BB creams and the review on Bobbi Brown BB cream, click here. (don’t worry, it opens up in a new tab/window)

Models Prefer DD fresh face daily detox

Models Prefer DD fresh face daily detox

I was very keen to try this DD fresh face daily detox by Models Prefer, I never jumped on the CC cream bandwagon, but I thought I’d give this one a go and compare it to the BB creams that I’ve used.

What I was really  shocked about with this product was when it said flawless coverage, it means flawless coverage. As I applied this onto my skin it felt very cooling, very smooth and non greasy. It didn’t leave any extra shininess on my skin and was quite moisturising as well. It blended in amazingly, it felt like it was just melting into my skin and the smell was so yummy pleasant!! I wish it was my perfume.

looks quite thick, but is very lightweight

looks quite thick, but is very lightweight

The coverage of this product gave me an almost flawless look, in areas that I didn’t have many acne scars, it blended in very well. The acne scars could still be seen, but I was quite surprised with how much it covered.

Longevity of this product throughout the day was surprisingly not that bad. In areas where I started to sweat, the cream did come off a bit, but overall it stayed on quite well for at least a good 4 hours.

I purchased this for $17 AUD for 30mL of product. It comes in 2 shades light and medium which is a little bit of a downside, because for me the light is a bit too light and the medium is way too dark for my skin. Hopefully they do come up with more shades. The packaging is a squeeze tube, which is very handy to control the amount of product you want to come out.

squeeze me, squeeze me all out!

squeeze me, squeeze me all out!

Overall, I really do like this product, very surprised that I do, but it does do what it claims, it feels light weight, it give breathable coverage and has a little bit of SPF protection in there as well.

Have you babes tried out any other DD creams?, very intrigued at the moment.


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