Dear diary: Sentimental D.I.Y gifts

The very first thing I would like to address is how crazy quick this year has already gone, I mean it’s February, I remember not too long ago I was writing about my 2014 journal/diary for the year and a month has gone by in pages in that thing. Click here if you want to read about that. I know it seems like people say that every single year, but it’s TRUE and I just cannot help but express how amazed I am that it is already February, which by the way I’m super glad because one more month of this yuck heat and then it’s out of here until December. #YAY!

Finally being able to have some spare time and just enjoying being able to do what I love like blog and shop and exercise and go out and socialise and a lot of other stuff, I was also so thankful for the time I got to work on this gift for my really good friend, Melis, who just celebrated her birthday not too long ago, so everybody HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!

She really is one of the sweetest girls I know, who always sees the good in others, I am not even kidding. She used to do ballet when she was a little girl and when we were about 15/16 years old I asked her if I could have her very first pair of ballet pointe shoes ( I had an obsession with all things ballerina!) I knew that once I got them I wanted to turn it into something very sentimental to give it back to her for her birthday. Little did I know that life actually kicked in and prevented me from working on it and coming up with a good idea and being creative. (You’re probably thinking, 15/16 years old, what life? the teenage life where EVERYTHING mattered and things were just way too over dramatic) 7 years later, I finally had the time to work on it and only hoped that I could bring her first pair of pointe shoes to justice. Something to remember and look back and have wonderful wonderful memories!

So this is what I came up with..

Ballet pointe shoes in a bell glass jar

Ballet pointe shoes in a bell glass jar

The first thing I did was paint the shoes in gold acrylic paint, next I stuck on some fake pink flowers with gold gems as the buds and completed it with a mauve coloured ribbon. The inside of the shoe is actually a piece of mesh fabric with silver glitter through it and I just wrapped the ribbon from the shoes around each other. If you look carefully, the back of the shoe has a white ribbon that I tied into a bow, because I’m so obsessed with bows at the moment.

I decided to decorate the top of the bell jar with some ribbons, bells, pearls and whatever I thought went with the whole purple and gold theme.

top of the bell jar decorations

top of the bell jar decorations

The display bowl was just the perfect fit for the bell jar and knew immediately that I had to get it. You can see that I just added some fake purple flowers on the side to complete the display.

At the back of the display, I placed some fake purple flowers inside the shoe and also put 2 other little gifts she could use, a cube olive scent candle and a lip scrub by LUSH. Although not in the photo, I also bought two lush bath bombs that I wrapped in purple tissue paper and tied with gold ribbon to place around the bowl, so when I gave it to her it was a present with other little presents.

The back of the display, the olive scented candle is underneath the lip scrub

The back of the display, the olive scented candle is underneath the lip scrub

I definitely had creative blocks as I was working with this but for anybody who is kind of stuck with ideas, always remember less is more! I wanted to add so much more to the shoes, but I’m glad I didn’t because it probably wouldn’t of suited the whole look I was going for and then it would be to cray with so much going on.

What do you guys think of my creation? Did I do a good job or did I totally ruin them? =(


2 thoughts on “Dear diary: Sentimental D.I.Y gifts

  1. Such a great idea. I love giving people sentimental gifts that I know they’ll cherish for a while to come. I hate giving the generic candle or soap gift (on their own anyway!) haha

    Great work 🙂


    • aww thanks babes! Happy to say that my friend loved her gift and I know, candles and soap gifts are like my add on gifts or fillers in presents.
      Thankyou for the all the sweet words!


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