Australis matte out mattifying face base

Ooooooo, now this was tempting!! I have probably been searching for a primer for the past 2 months now and I bought this at the same time as the Garnier 5 sec perfect blur, if you haven’t read that yet, click here.

First off, the name just screamed, GET ME. My mind went from the word matte, to oil control, to no shine, to I need this right now! If you have oily skin or combination oily skin then you’re probably agreeing with me, right?

Australis MATTE OUT mattifying face base

Australis MATTE OUT mattifying face base

This mattifying face base is meant to help control oil and even skin tone. It does say this can be used under a primer or on oil prone areas to help absorb the oil. I just used this as my primer just to see how it goes on its own.

It comes in a twist tube, which I’m not a big fan of, in short I don’t really like products that go directly onto your face because of cross contamination etc etc. I love the smell of this product which was odd when you look at the packaging. Inside it’s this purple, slightly silicone texture that smells like lavender and a little bit of rose hip oil scent trying to come through, which I love.

OMG! it's purple!

OMG! it’s purple!

If you look carefully, you can actually see the purple when applied onto the skin, but after you blend it out, the colour does disappear. The texture is very smooth , I would say similar to a silicone based product, however it blends into the skin very well and doesn’t leave a slimy and slippery feel like you would get with most silicone based primers. It’s quite lightweight and I almost have to double check to make sure I put some on.

the sheer purple can be seen when applied

the sheer purple can be seen when applied

With oil control it is very here and there for me. At first when I apply it, it doesn’t seem as if it’s working or even doing anything to get rid of that oil. After leaving it to set for a few minutes, it does take away a little bit of the shine in the areas that I’ve placed it. The one thing I actually have noticed with this particular product is the glow it gives my skin after I’ve applied my foundation or BB cream or concealer, it’s a nice glow.

Throughout the day, my skin does revert back to its old ways and gets oily, especially if I’ve been everywhere in the world that day or sweating which is often in this gross heat but I actually really like this product. By no means is it long lasting and it controls the oil barely, I just absolutely am in love with the glow it gives my skin when I’m wearing my BB cream on top of it.

It does also say it evens out skin tone and I can see why they would put that in there because of the texture of the product, unfortunately I don’t think there is enough silica or whatever other ingredients they use to help give a smooth texture. I mean sure, a little bit, but when I think even skin tone, it means I can’t feel no bumps and lumps.

This normally retails at $13.95 AUD give or take a dollar, I was fortunate to get it on sale at $8.95 AUD at Priceline (for my aussie babes, you’ll know what store). It doesn’t tell me how much product there is, but I measured the product inside the tube at there’s like 3 cm in length worth of product and 1.5cm in diameter, for you math whizzes.

Overall, I would definitely purchase this again because I do love the texture of this, it is very lightweight and non greasy and as I’ve probably mentioned a million times (or maybe it was just in my head) I do love the glow it gives my skin.

Winner product! Also, I know, went a bit cray* on the primers, I will stop now though, swear!

*I think the word cray was invented because somebody probably just totally forgot to type in the letter z, and BAM the word cray was born, catchy though.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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