Dear Diary: Creative blocks!

OH, just realised you could read that title two different ways. Creative blocks as in actual blocks that have been decorated or the way I meant it that was my creativity being blocked.

I have some days where my creative juices are just not flowing and absolutely nothing is achieved during that time because my mind has decided to put a wall up inside my brain. I say this because I am currently making a gift for one of my good friends and I am so incredibly stuck. I’ve pulled pretty much everything that I own (craft wise) onto my table and I just keep fiddling with it.

This is what goes on in my head:

  • If I put this here will that make it look good
  • Maybe I need to add some of this
  • What if I add some glitter
  • Where’s that gold leaf paper I had, maybe that will do
  • How about I move this fabric around here, maybe there, okay forget it, it doesn’t look good , get rid of that

Whatever I do, it’s just not working. I’ve actually been mind blocked for almost 2 days now which is so lammmeeeeeee because I need to get this gift done!

I honestly just keep staring at what I’ve done so far and it’s tormenting me. It’s like it’s saying haha you can’t get anything else done!  I just think maybe if I didn’t put that last decoration there, I could of done this or that and now I am just rambling.

Torture I tell you, TORTURE!!!!!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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