Dear Diary: What kind of shopper are you?

Put your brain in this situation. Imagine you finally got yourself to the shops, levels and levels and levels of just shopping. Where do you even begin? Wait, no, what do you even need to buy? Do you even need to buy anything? Why are you here again? Where was that shopping list you had? Are you just looking around?

Sound familiar?  Let me know what kind of shopper you are?

  • Are you the logical shopper?

You make a list of what you want to get. You ask yourself before you head to the shops, why do I need this, can I use something else to substitute this product, what am I using this for and is it the best possible price for the quality that I am getting. You know exactly the store you want to get it from, the exact price of it and you’re 100% certain that you need this and you’ve done your research!

  • Are you the budget shopper?

You love SALES, you think that the shops are suckers because today is the day you are going to spend because to you, they’re losing money and you’re saving money because you’re not paying the original retail price. You look at what you’re about to buy and think carefully before you purchase it. Is your money worth spending on something you probably know that you can get cheaper somewhere else or it’ll be on sale 2 weeks later or cheaper on the internet. You also allow yourself to spend a certain amount because you need your pay day money for other things and for it to last until the next pay day.

  • Are you the window shopper?

You’re shopping for the exercise. You look, maybe touch, but never buy because you’re just there to look around. You scout out where the sales are at and where they are not. You look around for the things you like, maybe try on a few things, test some makeup products, shoulder test some bags and whatever you like you commit to memory and save for later. The next time you go to the shops though, you’re jumping ship to the logical shopper.

  • Are you the impulse shopper?

You just know, it doesn’t happen often but when you find something you really like, it’s in your hand without a moment to even think about it and you’re at the counter saying I want this please. You see something and if for some little reason you think it could be useful to you, you get it. You might not necessarily need it, but it’s too late you already bought it and when you get home, you reflect on your purchases and maybe 40% of the time, you regret your purchase, but when you’re in that 60%, pure bliss in your mind.

  • Are you the materialistic shopper?

You want to have this product, whatever it is, you WANT  it! You love new things, you love the feeling you get when you buy these new things, it makes you happy, so what if you don’t need it, you want it and that’s all that matters in your mind.  The smell, the touch, your mind is overwhelmed with just wanting to make that product yours.

  • Are you the friend in need shopper?

You’re not necessarily there to shop for you, but your bestie called you out for a shopping date and because you can’t say no, you go. You help your friend decide, she or he asks you, does this look good on me, should I get this, you tell them your opinion, they’ll either agree or disagree but that’s okay because you’re there to support them in their time of shopping needs.

  • Are you the anti shopper?

You say excuse me with attitude, because you don’t even know what shopping is. You hate it so much and are so against it that it no longer exists in your mind. In fact, why are you even thinking about it right now.

  • Are you the internet shopper?

You hate the shopping experience, you never know if you’re going to get rude service and it’s just so much easier in your mind to shop online. No queues, no bumping into people, not having to deal with cash, it’s quick and less time consuming and it’s easily accessible to the brands they don’t have in stores and of course those special internet only deals.

  • Are you the therapeutic shopper ?

You’ve had a rough day/week/month and need to de stress. The only thing you can think of to do is go shopping, because that will make you feel better.You maybe buy yourself a few things, indulge in a quick mani/pedi, maybe get a massage, get in some alone time just for you and by the end of the day you’re feeling good.

What shopper am I?

I’m all of them and pretty sure that a lot of you can relate. One moment in time or another, it’s at least crossed your mind. Hope you guys enjoyed this post, this is literally what I think of when I am that particular shopper. Let me know what shopper you are, maybe you’re all of them like me.

YAY shopping! xx

P.S I’m anti shopper only when it comes to boxing day sales, I can’t, I just can’t deal.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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