Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm

The other day I went out on a mini beauty and makeup haul. I wanted to see if there were any new products that were out and grabbed a few things that caught my attention along with some older products as well. So expect them to roll out during the week or two.

I’ve been all about the lip statement this season partially because I wanted to start using up some of my lipsticks. I also wanted to give other lip products a go so I purchased Revlon Just bitten lipstain and balm in Passion. 

Revlon Just bitten lipstain and balm in passion

Revlon Just bitten lipstain and balm in passion

As soon as I got this, I was just super excited to try it out and the first thing I noticed was how beautiful and vibrant the colour was. (kind of regret not getting more) I’m a big fan of bright colours when it comes to lips and nailpolish because I don’t usually wear a lot of colours when it comes to my clothes.

Lip stains are known to be quite drying on the lips and unfortunately yes it is drying, however I do like that Revlon teamed this up with a lip balm to apply after the stain. It keeps the area hydrated and more moisturised. The lip balm itself, is quite great, it moisturises and gives a little bit of a glossy finish without the stickiness.

Lip balm

Lip balm

The applicator for the lip stain is similar to a highlighter, it’s not a soft brush, it feels like you’re using a highlighter to colour your lips, which I can sort of understand why they would do that after using it. The consistency of the product was a little bit here and there for me, which can be good as it helps you to build up the ideal colour that you want, but it can be a bit tedious trying to get that product onto your lips evenly and the last thing anybody wants is for a lip stain to be blotchy.  The best way I can describe this is to imagine a liquid highlighter almost running out of colour.

Lip stain in Passion

Lip stain in Passion

It is definitely a lip stain, it doesn’t move once it is on your lips, it doesn’t transfer onto your coffee cups (YAY!) and it lasted me pretty much the whole day, a total of 8 hours that day. I would have to say about 80% of the stain stayed on, the only areas that started to fade out were around the outer corners of my mouth and the area where the lips touch. So long lasting, I would say, yes.

It recommends to apply this lipstain onto dry, clean lips and apply the lip balm 30 seconds after the lipstain has been put on, just so the lip stain can really set. It also smells like super sweet candy or berries that makes you want to eat it.

swatch of Revlon Just bitten lipstain and balm in Passion

swatch of Revlon Just bitten lipstain and balm in Passion

This 2 in 1 lip product comes in 15 different colours so if you’re a nude lip lover to a daring red lip kind of girl, then it’s possible you’ll find a colour that you’ll like and maybe even heart, alot.

Overall, I would definitely purchase this again, I happened to purchase this whilst it was on sale at Priceline for $8.95AUD. Despite the fact it is a little drying, if you reapply the lip balm, it really does help to keep the lips more moisturised.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps anybody curious about this product. xx


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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