Dear Diary: my 2014 journal/diary/notebook

I refuse to believe that there is nobody out there that writes in a journal, I just will not have it.

The reason I say that is because I love my journals, diaries and notebooks for the simple fact of writing in them. Every year, I have a new diary which I keep for scheduling events and important dates, things like that. I also keep another journal and I just have all my goals, dreams, letters I write, ideas, plans, everything positive in my life goes in there. The other day I found myself closing my journal up when somebody walked in, because to me, it’s personal and I didn’t want anybody to read it. I have to approve before someone can see it. I felt like a school girl writing about a crush or something. So ridiculous, but funny.

Anyways, I got a Kikki K journal as a gift and I absolutely adore this journal because every single page is different. It makes it fun to write in or put little polaroid pictures in it to write about memories and all that fun stuff.

Kikki.K journal (FRONT)

Kikki.K journal (FRONT)











I just want to know, how many people write in journals still, I mean you would think that I have a blog, I wouldn’t need to but I really love putting pen to paper somedays, for me it’s a NEED!

A couple of the pages

A couple of the pages

And of course, everytime I write, I have to have either coffee or a tea in this wish wing MUG!

Wish Wing mug

Wish Wing mug

Pretty much what my spare time consists of: writing and coffee/tea.

In my spare time..

In my spare time.

ALSO: I gave my blog a little redeco and I think it just matches thecarolinediaries so perfectly! I’ve always envisioned my blog to be like my hand written journals and diaries with lines on the pages, so I’m very excited with how it looks at the moment and of course the background pictures are just very much ME! If you wanted to know what theme I’m using at the moment, it is RUNO LITE.




Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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