Dear diary: Bringing back an old obsession, BOWS!

Back in high school, I had some kind of accessory in my hair, pretty much every single day.  For me, it was dead set an obsession. If I happened to forget to put something in my hair, it would feel so wrong. I loved all the ribbons, headbands, bows and because my school was strict it could only be red or navy blue, you couldn’t even have any black, which sucked because I had the biggest black flower I wanted to wear.

After school was done, I just stopped wearing them because I started my hat obsession and then it was just all about hats and then I cut my hair and I just didn’t want to accessorise anymore. However, I finally decided after pretty much 3 years of short hair, I’m going to grow it out.

If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that I went shopping yesterday and I walked into Lovisa and was like oh snappps, I just know I’m going to spend, and spend I did.

I got a set of 3 little bows in the girliest of colours and design you could possibly imagine because I wanted it to match the outfit I was wearing yesterday which was in the plain, almost pastel pink colour (looking at the photo below)



My obsession with bows are crazy, I was actually looking for a slightly bigger black bow I could put in my hair when I do top buns, so that it could sit either in the bun or just outside it. I couldn’t find the one I really liked so I ended up getting these instead and perfect because I like to pin my hair to the side and the bow just adds the cutest touch. If you were wondering, I got this for $10AUD.

The next accessory is this black headband with a bow on it. I love this headband because it doesn’t hurt behind your ears if you’re wearing it for a long time. It’s so lightweight and still keeps your hair back and it has a bow on it, so I bought it.  It was on sale, so 3 accessories for $10 but come to think of it, I probably should of done that, instead I just grabbed this one because I was rushing and it was only $5 which normally retailed for 13 bucks! There was also a white one, but black all the way!!

FH BLAIR BOW HB - in black

FH BLAIR BOW HB – in black

Anyways, if you follow my instagram as well, you’ll see that I got some pretty exciting new things yesterday and I cannot wait to blog it out here for you guys. I’m actually testing the OPI Mariah Carey liquid sand as we speak, so excited, my nails look like they belong in the midnight sky, because it’s that shiny.

Follow me on instagram and twitter if you haven’t already and next blog will probably be a product review, yayyy!

Byee guys!!


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