Dear Diary: Aftermath of feasting = detox juicing

Words cannot explain how I feel right now after all that holiday eating! (But I will try)

I’m not too sure how many parties you guys had going on but man, that was crazy! It was like all my healthy eating went completely out the window, all that chocolate, all that food in one place, my mind went cray! (check out my instagram for the food!)

I hope you guys had an amazing amazing time spending it with your family, eating good food, laughing and just making the best out of the holidays and even if you don’t celebrate it, it’s a day or two off work for most people, so you’re kind of winning.

So in the realisation that oh my goodness I really did eat a lot this week and I’m sure you can all relate, it’s back to healthy eating now and the occassional junk food here and there. The weird thing is I’m actually not a fan of sweets, but when Guylian chocolates and Ferrero Rochers came into play, I was like, well okay just 2, which turned into 5 and then I was like oh no!

The number one thing I really like to drink just to detox all that bad stuff out of my body, is a glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it first thing in the morning before breakfast and if I have any ginger I’ll throw some of that in there too. I love my juices so, I’ll either buy it freshly made or make my own if I’m bothered to wash the juicer after. I generally put all the good stuff that is meant to be good for detoxing.


– Beetroot








Also on top of running as my daily exercise, if I can spare some time in the morning, I love going for walks around my neighbourhood for at least 30 minutes, at least I’m moving and being active and I won’t feel as bad if I do miss out on that daily run.

I know New years is in 3 days so the holidays aren’t entirely over and maybe I’ll eat more but as long as I eat 90% healthy, I’ll be good. Besides if any of you went Boxing Day shopping like my cousin did who shopped for 9 hours, she’s good on the exercise..

Anyways have a great day or night wherever you may be reading this from and I will have a product review coming up tomorrow, hopefully, most likely yes.






Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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