Dear diary: The year 2013 in review

Woah woah woah! Let’s just settle down there time! I cannot believe that we are already in December and Christmas is 2 days away and new years in 9 days!

There is something about the new year that makes people go a little crazy, me being one of them. You’ve got the new years resolutions, the trip planning for the next year, where you see yourself, what you’ll be doing on new years eve and the ocassional I hated 2013, bring on the new year!

I like to believe that a new year means new opportunities, you’re a year older and slightly wiser having learnt from the mistakes you made that year and just that hope that maybe this year will be better.

Not too sure how I feel about 2013, actually I do, the majority sucked! It kind of flipped my life upside down, being back at college, exams and just trying to balance life. It definitely took a  toll on my everyday life and although I’m thankful for the things I have achieved this year, I’m really hoping 2014 will be great. In saying that though I plan to make the next year a great year!

Taken from my wall calendar.. 2014!!

Taken from my wall calendar..

Wishing you guys an early Merry christmas and have an amazing new year, will definitely be posting stuff via instagram and twitter, so if I’m not here, I will see you guys in the new year! (however I do still plan to put some beauty and makeup blogs up, but just in case I don’t, I said it here now)


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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