Shades of red lipstick feat. MEHRON night palette

Oh Hi there Christmas, you’re only 16 days away and that christmas party I’m attending, you’re only 5 days away and I still don’t know what I’m going to wear! This christmas party is red and green themed this year and I love a good themed party especially when everyone gets into the spirit and dresses up, it’s just fun!

Despite the fact that I do not own anything red or green and I never will wear those colours in the future, I have no clue what I am going wear, this weekend. Now I don’t want to be no killjoy (meaning spoil sport/the person that doesn’t want to dress up because they don’t have anything red or green) I’ve decided that not only am I going to wear my reindeer ears that are red and green and BROWN (so that’s an extra colour!) I am going to deck my body and accessorise with everything red or green I can possibly do. Including earrings, eye makeup, lipstick, shoes, nails, bracelets, rings, necklaces, flowers in my hair and whatever else I can do, in order to get away without having to actually wear red or green as a top or bottom or a dress.

Which got me thinking of the different shades of red lipsticks out there and which colour would best suit different skin tones, as I thought it would be a really cute idea if all the girls at the party wore red lipstick or possibly green, if they have any.

I got my Mehron palette about 2 years ago at IMATS and this baby is still going strong in my life. We have a love hate relationship, whilst I love this lipstick because it is highly pigmented and the colours are so strong and is definitely the reason why I still have it today, my lips always get crazy dry during use and the colour fades within a few hours especially if you’re eating or drinking but for those stand out pictures with amazing lips, I would definitely go to my mehron palette.

Mehron lip night palette

Mehron lip night palette

I really wanted to give a bit of insight on what shade of red goes well with a particular skin tone, but for me I honestly believe that for you to really know what looks good on you, is for you to try it out on yourself and have a friend there or one of the consultants to help you apply some red lipstick, so you can see first hand if it looks good or not. However,  I would just say make sure you take your complexion into account when choosing the right shade of red. For example, you can be fair skin with a pinkish complexion or fair skin with a yellowish complexion. Different shades of red have different undertones so they can either be a bit more orangey or warmer in undertone or more plum coloured or cooler in undertone.

From the Mehron palette, I particularly love wearing the colour ‘Wild Plum’ in this night palette and as for the reds, my favourite and go to red lip would have to be the shade ‘Valentine’.

Shades from left to right: TOP: Poppy, Valentine, Rasberry, Big Apple BOTTOM: Wild Plum, Velvet Rose, CherryWood, Ch Chocolate

Shades from left to right:
TOP: Poppy, Valentine, Rasberry, Big Apple
BOTTOM: Wild Plum, Velvet Rose, CherryWood, Ch Chocolate

A closer look..


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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