Dear diary: TGI Fridays…

..the restaurant that is. =)

So this is actually the first time I’ve heard of this restaurant and bar..

TGI Fridays!!

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays

From what I’ve heard this place is pretty amazing especially overseas in the Phillipines, so trying this out was a must! Well any place really with a rave review is a must try kind of place.  I headed over to the first opening of TGI Fridays in Macquarie NSW, to get my dinner on and as I walked in, it definitely reminded me of Yard House in Pasadena, California, minus the red coloured theme it had going on in there. I love the vibe of this place, it had such a diner feel to it and a lot of people were there to just have some fun and enjoy themselves.

Despite the fact that we waited about an hour for food, the service was really great, the food wasn’t too bad, servings are quite big, so be prepared to EAT!

As a starter we had some chicken nachos:

chicken nachos

chicken nachos

Again not too bad, I mean it’s food and I was hungry, so yeah! I love that they’re not cheap with the toppings. They really give you quite a lot there, which is a plus unlike some other places.

Being a burger lover, I tried out their burgers, or well, one of their burgers but they definitely did have other foods on their menu. Steak, mexican food, pasta, salads, chicken, dessert which I really wished I could of tried, but we were so full that we couldn’t stomach anything after and coffee? (#winning)

I got the Texas burger: beef, melted cheese, bacon, crispy onions (these were like AMAZING!!), all on a buttery toasted brioche bun, which if you’ve never had this, it’s a little sweet, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, but very yummy), accompanied with roasted ketchup (imagine ketchup with cinammon mixed in it, I thought I was eating an apple pie) and horseradish sauce (creamy, really good with the chips)

Texas burger accompanied with hot chips

Texas burger accompanied with hot chips

I personally think that I’m a big eater because I do love food, but this whole meal plus the chips and a cosmopolitan was hard to finish, but I did it and it didn’t go to waste, so that’s a plus for me, in my eyes.

I’m excited to go back again, perhaps when the hype of it has gone down and it could definitely be a cool place to chill out for drinks and dinner, and next time, I WILL have dessert!


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