All about the nude lips, simple eyes and a glowing complexion

What I love most about makeup is the fact that it has the power to change and create almost anything if you are creative enough.

If you look back, there is highly unlikely a time you can recall where you thought to yourself, what on earth was I thinking? Be it your so called ‘style’, to the way you had your hair and to the makeup trends you used to wear or just thought to yourself, now that was super cool.. at the time that is.

Like almost every girl, my fashion, makeup and hair have changed throughout the years but are all what have made me into who I am today. There was never a wrong moment for me, it was just a learning experience that I honestly thought looked super cool at the time and no doubt I’ll probably make some let’s say, different choices in the future, but hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point in laughing? (Caroline’s tip .#5)

So I am absolutely loving the new trend with makeup this season, keeping it simple with the eyes, omg! YES! mascara makes the list!! with a sheer eye tint or very light eye shadow, a much loved and one of my favourites: nude lips and flawless coverage with highlight and shading like you wouldn’t believe. It really is all about the structure in your face, those amazing cheekbones and that bronzed look this season.

Here are a few of my products that I am using to get my trend on:


I’m loving the fuller fat lash. I love using Benefit They’re real mascara. QUICK TIP: For added thickness and when I do not have my fibre lash mascara in stock, I apply some translucent powder over one coat of mascara and then go over it with another two to three coats of mascara. Works surprisingly well! Modelco fibre lash mascara is also a good one to purchase for lashes with length but not as dramatic.

Benefit They're real mascara

  Benefit They’re real mascara


Nude lips, I remember them being so in 4 years ago and hey, now they’re back. I love a good nude lip, it was the go to makeup look with a black smokey eye and it just worked. With nude lips, a lot of people tend to shy away from it, because it might make you look a little lack luster in colour. Have no fear, Caroline is here to help you. With a nude lip to suit you, try a colour that is one to two shades lighter than your actual lip colour. I personally like using MAC lipstick in SATIN. This lipstick has been very good to me and just don’t forget that touch of gloss to make your lips pop out a little.



If you’re still a bit unsure with the whole nude lip, let me introduce you to the flawless skin with a glowing complexion. The glow from the bronzer or highlight you use with this look will really help to bring out everything that should be seen, like those cheekbones or that really nice tan, that doesn’t look fake? Keep it simple with the base, I’m using Benefit hello flawless liquid foundation for those days I need more coverage and other days I pop on Bobbi Brown BB cream (must have – not even kidding!)

Rimmel London sun shimmer bronzer

Rimmel London sun shimmer bronzer

I then go onto contouring, just remember the 3 on the side of your face, some on the temples, the area under your cheekbone and just under your jawline. As for blush, I use my bronzer in the cheek area and just sweep it up, for me there’s not really a need when you’re going to do some highlighting. Highlight on top of your cheekbones, the cupids bow on your top lip, the brow bone area and I like some on the tops of my nose for that longer nose look. I’ve been in love with MAC creme highlight in pearl frost since the day I bought it but I also really like Benefit girl meets pearl.

BB cream in medium

BB cream in medium

MAC cream colour base in pearl frost

MAC cream colour base in pearl frost





So this will be the new look I will be sporting this season, hope you guys liked it, hope you guys try it! =)

With all my makeup love,

Caroline. xx

Here are the links to the reviews of some of the products I’ve mentioned:

Benefit hello flawless liquid foundation:

Benefit they’re real mascara:

Bobbi Brown BB cream:

Modelco lash fibres:

MAC cream colour base in pearl frost:



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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