Dear diary: I LOVE snapchat and blog name change

I am wearing socks for the first time this spring, I’m telling you, it is so cold right now. Just a quick note, I’ve decided to change lalalinee into thecarolinediaries because to me, it makes more sense because the things in this blog is all about what happens to me in my everyday life, that and for the fact that I write in a diary, not like

‘Dear diary,

I did this today, did that today, had some lunch.. ‘

No, more just for the fact that my brain literally over thinks way too much, that I feel like I need to get it out there at least on paper or on this blog. Of course you can still find me at lalalinee_ for instagram and @lalalinee on twitter, so that hasn’t changed. 

As a very new social media lover. (as of september 2013) I am in love with all my apps. Big big fan of instagram, whatsapp and my much LOVED snapchat. I love snapchat, I don’t even think you get how much I love snap chat. Okay so if you don’t know about it, first of all whaaattt? and second of all come on! Snapchat is only the best thing ever invented as of right now, giving you 10 seconds to either view a photo that you’ve taken or a video which you can add some text to and then send it to your people who also have snapchat and that you are friends with, they view it for how ever many seconds you’ve allowed and then it’s GONE! well unless you save the video or picture or they screenshot what you sent them, but it’s still great!

Anyways after trying for 2 hours to figure out where to go to lunch with one of my friends today, I was done and I needed to eat, so I decided to cook a meal. I made burgers or a burger, YUM! and one of my other friends jumped in and said ooooo you know, show us your cooking skills via snapchat and then I was like GREAT IDEA! and so I did. After 14 ten second videos I was done cooking and it was so much fun recording what I was doing because I don’t cook very often, I at least know the basics, so come on this cooking journey with me. I’m going to try and put it all together in a video for instagram, so be on the look out for that. It’ll be titled ‘cooking with caroline – part 1’

I had some major fun with that today, I hope you guys like it as well, my bestie was laughing she found it so professional and entertaining. I will try and have it up soon (meaning a day or until I figure out how to do it)

With snapchatting love,

Caroline. xx


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