Remington sleek and smooth hair straightener

Rest in peace my beautiful Corioliss hair straightener, you were so very good to me, you always did put up with my ever freshly washed hair everyday which made it twice as hard to curl and the pain you must of gone through when my sister dropped you on the floor. I’m so sorry, after so many drops onto the floor, you finally gave up and smashed into pieces. You know that if I could, I would of fixed you but I guess it’s just time to move on..


And move on I did.

So instead of paying another $200 or so on a salon branded hair straightener, I opted for the more affordable version that if it did break again, I wouldn’t be as devastated, because it would be replaceable in an instant.

Not sure if a lot of you know but Remington is actually a pretty good brand. I think it’s just one of those brands that people think is kind of bad because of the places it’s stocked.  I love their stuff because it is affordable, but at the same time, it works. I love doing my hair especially when it comes to curling it or creating fingerwaves! (my fave)  so I was searching for a hair straightener that could also be my curler.

Remington Professional sleek and smooth ceramic

Remington sleek and smooth ceramic

Remington sleek and smooth ceramic

This is a great straightener, my particular favourite with this one is the tips of it. It’s curved so it will help create that stylish curl in your hair, but also give you that beautiful sleek and straight look.

the tip

the tip

floating, ceramic plates

floating, ceramic plates









I love how my hair feels so smooth after use and the sleek and shine that it gives, is a major plus.


It does get quite hot after a while, and the temperature varies from 180 – 230 degrees celcius, so be careful especially when curling and I would definitely recommend a heat protector, even though I get a bit lazy sometimes and just go for it, it doesn’t let off this burning hair smell, which may I add is NEVER a good sign.

I purchased this at Target  for about $25AUD and that was on sale so RRP is at $30AUD, so not bad, good budget range. Mine came in purple, there was a white one as well but they ran out, so bummed, but it’s fine, I still love it and definitely something worth getting especially if you’re like me and only use day to day.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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