Dear Diary: Shopping = workout

Have you ever been so full that you just feel so sleepy? Well that’s me right now.

Today I went out for some high tea which I love and absolutely adore, if I could high tea everyday minus the calories, that would be a dream come true.

I honestly don’t know how to feel at the moment, I’m tired but still buzzing a little from the sugary sweets that I had, so my mind is alert but my eyes are definitely going to sleep.

I also went shopping a bit earlier and whoever said shopping is not a workout, totally lies. Walking is exercise and then when you purchase stuff and carry them, they’re your weights so your basically building muscle and sometimes you might even sprint a little to catch public transport or you work your glutes by walking up and down some stairs to get somewhere, you do squats to pick items from a lower shelf and then you come back up because your legs hurt, you give your obliques a work out when your friend is like oh look there, so you twist your body to one side to see what it is, you work your arms a bit more when you constantly try on clothes and your shoulder and back muscles when you try to find your size in a clothing store and they just have way too many clothes on that rack and then finally when you’re at the checkout, oh look you dropped some money, so you do an extra squat or leg split to stop some coins from rolling away. Yeah, sometimes it’s tiring, but it’s a fun workout, you don’t even know you’re slightly exercising.

Alright I think I’m going to go for a walk now, maybe I can walk off this full stomach.

Byeeee xx



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