Get it off with Benefit remove it makeup remover

One of the most important things that every makeup wearer should know is that taking off your makeup before bed is a must. I always get so surprised after cleansing my face with how much makeup there is still in my pores and I mean you think it’s all off but it’s not.

Something that really helps to ensure that you’ve got all that makeup off is to remove it with a cosmetic wipe or some specialised eye makeup remover meant just for the eyes, before you start cleansing or hop into the shower.

Now I have found a makeup remover that takes off your eye makeup and foundation, bronzer, concealer etc etc.

I am very very impressed with Benefit remove it makeup remover, I literally could not believe how much makeup I was able to take off with the tiniest amount.

Benefit remove it makeup remover

Benefit remove it makeup remover

The thing I love most about this product was the fact that I didn’t need to saturate the cotton pad to take off my makeup. It left a refreshing feeling around my eyes, it felt nice and cool and it took off all my makeup. I always take off my eye makeup before I shower and time and time again, I always come out with black mascara still under my eyes even though I wipe it like you would wipe the kitchen table if there was a stain on it.

I didn’t find any irritation, it didn’t leave a drying effect around my eyes or on my skin and it even states that it is suitable for contact wearers.

talk about love at first use

talk about love at first use

I purchased this for $29AUD, huge bargain on my behalf because my Bi facil is literally double that, the packaging is the cutest, it looks like a bottle of clear sparkling goodness and this is now one of my favourites that I will definitely be repurchasing.



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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