Come to the dark side with Lush Dark Angels cleanser

I have been on the search for a really good cleanser. Something different, something good for my skin and overall something that works.

I went on a semi makeup spree yesterday and bought some cosmetics I’ve been dying to get my hands on.

A while ago, the ladies at Lush were kind enough to give me a sample of two of their cleansers they had available, Dark Angels  and Herbal Ish cleanser.

My favourite: Dark Angels fresh facial cleanser

Dark Angels fresh facial cleanser

       Dark Angels fresh facial cleanser

It was created for people with oilier skin types and after what my face has been through at beauty college (breakout central), I really needed something to absorb that excess oil and hopefully stop the breakouts.

I love Lush cosmetics because they are freshly handmade cosmetics, they’re unique like you wouldn’t believe and overall one of the best smelling stores out there.

The Dark Angels cleanser..

It contains..

  • Rhassoul mud which is known for its anti microbial and super deep cleansing effect,
  • charcoal which is great for absorption of excess oils,
  • black sugar which gives the texture and helps exfoliate the skin,
  • avocado oil for its antioxidant properties and also helps to soften the skin and it has an amazing smell which you can thank the beautiful
  • essential oils of sandalwood and rosewood

This is a dark cleanser as the name entitles, it’s jet black (white sinks beware) and when I first used it on my face I had to snapchat all my friends because it looked so cool.

This product is great value for money, I got 100g for $16.95 AUD and all you need is a pea sized amount, a bit of warm water, mixed into a paste and on your face it goes.



I double this up as my exfoliater, on the days that I’m wearing makeup, I try to take it all off with a makeup wipe and then use this cleanser after and the result is amazing. My skin feels so soft right after it, I do the little cotton pad trick where you wet the cotton pad with water and wipe it on your face to see if all the makeup comes off and it’s so great and I love my best friend for introducing me to this store.

cleanser without water

cleanser without water

I love cleansing it’s the best part of my beauty routine, so I cleanse with this baby twice a day, morning and night and the result, (after trialing this for 2 weeks) for me it definitely made a difference. I used to get those really painful papules (the big red pimples that come up under the skin) and I hated them, they hurt, they looked ugly and ever since I’ve been using this, I haven’t gotten one in a while and I thank the ingredients in it.

cleanser with water

cleanser with water

For those who don’t have an oilier skin, Lush does have other cleansers for your skin type, I hear Angels on bare skin is quite a winner also and this is definitely a cleanser that I will be repurchasing.

Leave a comment, tell me if you’ve tried it or what other Lush cosmetics you’ve tried. You never know you might just add some more products to my cosmetics wishlist… Instagram mee!!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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