Dear diary: Acrylic loving nails!

If you asked me a year ago, would I ever get acrylics done, my answer would be uhhh NO!

Now I’m just slightly in love with the clicking sound it makes and how long they are and the ten times girlier it is to have them, I really love it.

It all started when a girl I knew would come into class with the LONGEST acrylics, I loved the shape and I just really wanted to get them and with my birthday approaching, it was a MUST in my mind. I’m a huge fan of nail art, I think the people who attempt different looks and designs are amazingly creative! I only wish that I had the patience, so uniform colour it will stay on my nails unless somebody wants to do them for me.

When you think of acrylics you think the long square shaped but I decided that I really loved the whole pointy almost witchy but sort of elegant acrylics, so I asked the lady to file them down so they were pointy and this is the result…

Nail polish: OPI – Bastille my heart


Then a week later, I decided to change the colour..

Nail polish: Island Girl Hawaii, Big Island Volcano

Nail polish: Island Girl Hawaii – Big Island Volcano

I had a lot of fun with these acrylics, the only thing that was really hard to do was type but I guess you get used to it. They lasted me about 2 weeks and now they’re starting to break off one by one on my right hand but the left still looks good.

All my love,

Caroline. xx


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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