Dear Diary: Bushwalking adventures

Oh wait, let me just check my instagram!

Is what I have been saying as of late, I’m just slightly obsessed with social media right now, which has led me into neglecting all things blogging. Insert instagram username here –> lalalinee_

This September has been crazyy for me, I love spring but only sometimes, the parties that have been going on especially this one great party from yours truly, IMATS in sydney, going bushwalking for the first time ever to working really hard and figuring out the next steps for me. It’s been a great September and I will now fill you all in on my adventures and pretty pretty pictures that you’ll see first if you follow me on insta.

Bushwalking, what an adventure that was! A drive to the beautiful Blue Mountains, giant stairs, the three sisters, overall a fantastic view, getting in touch with nature, but maybe the next time I go, I’ll choose an easier track..

It started out with choosing an outfit..

It started out with choosing an outfit..

to taking a photo of the first view..

The Three Sisters















Enjoy these pictures, I did after the trek, I was too busy concentrating on not falling.

Will blog soon! 🙂


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