Blush the day away with Becca creme blush

The super strong power staying creme blush from Becca cosmetics.

Becca cosmetics creme blush

Becca cosmetics creme blush

Even the word blush already makes me excited, I mean who doesn’t want those slightly pink cheeks that bring some colour to the face, that bit of colour to highlight the cheeks and overall a natural blushing look to make you say what? that’s just your skin, not a product!

I’m loving this highly pigmented blush from Becca cosmetics, the perfect long staying blush that lasted me the whole day ( 7:30  in the morning to 8 at night)

Who doesn't love  good mirror?

Who doesn’t love good mirror?

The amazing glow you need on a beautiful spring/summer day, like today. This creamy blush is good value for money, I used the tiniest amount and the pigment is crazy, you only need a little, seriously, I’m not even talking pea sized.

A 2 in 1 product that every makeup crazed person will love, its compact sized and a perfect space and product saver. It’s a compact so you’ve got to love that mirror.

Use on the apples of the cheeks or the lips for some added colour.

Creme blush in geranium

Creme blush in geranium

It comes in 5 different shades to suit almost every skin colour and suits almost all skin types except very oily and blemished skins. Mine is geranium.

Don’t forget to top it off with some translucent powder to set the product.

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