A very caroline update..

Hey hey, so words cannot describe how happy I am right now, well they sort of can because I’m smiling and typing as I go along.

After a very very long year of semi pampering and studying my head off I have finally completed my studies, so watch out beauty world, caroline’s coming to make you feel even more beautiful than you already are!

One of those bitter sweet feelings, from next week there will be no routine, no uniform, no teachers, none of the other students there to sit with in class, we’re moving on. Well I lie, I’m going back next week to get some free eyelash extensions but hey, can’t pass up a free trial can I? But you get what I mean.

Some things I’ve learnt on my way..

1. Contrary to popular belief, over pampering is detrimental to the skin. hashtag breakouts

2. Full time study makes me put on weight

3. The amount of stress and anger endured was unbelievable

4. Some people are really mean and lie A LOT

5. Learning is an invaluable skill

6. The different sectors and pathways the beauty industry can lead to

7. Passing on knowledge to those that don’t have a clue and assisting their needs

8. Social butterfly, I really am

9. Peak hour is the worst, it’s a jungle out there, where people are the animals

10. Survival of the fittest

11. Never studying again, well maybe not never, for now.

A stressful year with definitely a million ups and downs, but always more good days than bad. The ability to learn, teaches good habits. Looking forward to the future, to more time to blog, to putting my knowledge into use, to giving chances and saying yes to new things instead of no.

Optimism is the key, will blog soon. =) xx



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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