FEEL: 4 products that help with my breakouts!

I’m sitting here with a huge cup of honey and lemon tea on my left and a roll of toilet paper on my right instead of a tissue box because toilet paper is softer on my nose, I also haven’t stopped coughing since Tuesday so it’s been 4 days of sickness and I just know it’s going to get worse! If that makes anyone feel better for me not blogging in a while, well there you go., I am now sick.

July july july, what can I say, it’s been a super busy month for me, (insert lack of posts here)  I’m sorry. Sad face,it’s just been something on every day of the week for me and lack of sleep and getting home late, my body is so not used to that and everyone around me is sick so yeah it was bound to happen.

With sickness comes laziness and with stress come PIMPLES!!! YAY hormones! not really, so I’ve been searching and trial and erroring if that is even a word,clearly not because there is a squiggly red line indicating my poor grammar for products that will help in this time of stress and sickness and laziness and feeling horribly ill because life is weird with the weather changing and the viruses and bacteria in the air, yeah. I will Glen 20 everyone from now on, including myself.

I have 4 products that I am absolutely in love with right now and are my life savers in stopping those red painful pimples.


THE FIRST:  Yes to tomatoes: acne spot stick

Yes to tomatoes clear skin acne spot stick

I know I’ve blogged about this before somewhere in my blog but this thing absolutely rocks my socks off. or pimples I should say. It contains 2% salicylic acid which is its active ingredient helping to control the oil build up that form pimples and bisabolol and ginger which helps reduce the redness. I know when i first tried it I wasn’t that happy with it, but then smart me, after applying this I followed it with Thursday Plantation tea tree oil.


THE SECOND: Thursday Plantation tea tree oil

Thursday plantation tea tree oil

Thursday plantation tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is great, it’s a naturally sourced antiseptic which you can use for almost anything like cuts, burns, abrasions, boils, bites and stings and yeah pimples. What I find when I pair these two products together is a general reduction in the size of the pimple especially if it’s those huge red ones that you just know are going to hurt. Tea tree oil can also help with scarring when you do get that pimple so just put some tea tree oil on and if you use quite a lot of it as I found because I go overboard on stuff sometimes, it dries the area out and becomes a little flaky so don’t forget to use an oil free moisturiser in the morning to stop the flaking.


I use these two after I’ve washed my faced with cleanser at night and applied my moisturiser,  let my moisturiser set in for 5 minutes then apply the acne spot stick to the red pimples, wait until that dries and then apply the tea tree oil on the same areas.


THE THIRD:  Vitamin E cream

invite E Vitamin E cream

invite E Vitamin E cream

Vitamin E cream is known for healing and moisturising dry and damaged skin and even better on dehydrated skins ( lack of water). But what you may not know is that it’s also good for scarring from acne and the hyperpigmentation you get after, especially if you don’t wear sunscreen as those dark spots can get worse or darker. I don’t use this all the time, but when my skin really needs it, in those winter months I apply some on and it definitely helps lighten the area at least.


THE FOURTH: Dermaologica clearing mattifier

Dermalogica clearing mattifier

Dermalogica clearing mattifier

I was given this product by a friend and I do like it, Again it contains salicylic acid  which helps with the control of oil in the area, absorption of the oil and helps to minimise breakouts and niacinamide and zinc gluconate stop overactive sebaceous activity so in english, it stops the oily area from getting oilier.


So I hope that helps with anybody breaking out, just thought I’d share some of my favourite products with you guys and it’s such  a nice day outside but all I can think of is sleeping, thank you sickness!

Blog soon, very soon. =) xxx


Here’s a peak of what’s to come…

can you guess what they are?

can you guess what they are?


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