Dear diary: When it’s just not a good day

Sometimes people say I whinge a lot, well I tell them this is why I have a blog!

Thanks to the new followers, it’s always nice to log into my blog seeing that I have some new baby readers. 

I really think that tonight I’m going to have the best sleep in the world! I was stuck in class for an extra hour and a half today and am so not happy about it, especially when I don’t live particularly close to college, you know, I have things to do, like another 5 assignments to go and to be honest I absolutely hated today.

I understand that people take time to learn certain things and especially when english is not your first language, then yeah it’s going to be harder. Half of the girls in my class are international students and when you’ve only performed a treatment once 3 weeks ago, yeah you’re going to forget or not know what exactly to do and  I  do also partly blame the teacher for getting upset over something we’ve done once but then I get her frustration as well. It was a really intense day and I think that it’s so important to really love what you do, otherwise you’re sending the wrong message to people which makes them think you don’t want to be there and makes others around you hate what they’re doing and that’s just not good for anybody.

Anyways, bad days never, good days forever! I just thought of that.  =)

But goodbye today, hello tomorrow, hopefully it will be better and I’m glad I’m never going to see you again, unless I wake up to a groundhog today, which is unlikely, but you never know. I watch too much television.

Goodnight world and claps for me, blogging 2 days in a row. woop woop!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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