Dear diary: CELLULITE & thesis paper..

.. should of just written my thesis paper on cellulite, that would of been interesting.

Hey hey everyone!

My fingers are freezing right now and for some reason I just can’t sleep. I didn’t even have a coffee today and I really need to catch some zzzz’s, I’m going to get those dark circles that every girl loves , thank you life.

Alright so at college right now, we’re doing a lot of body treatments and most of the girls complain about cellulite. I just sat there and was like I don’t have any cellulite and they all just looked at me like I needed to be disowned or something, but then I said I think I have it slightly now because I haven’t been moisturising lately and I have to say I’m so very lucky right now.Not too sure if many of you know, but I used to run everyday for 2 hours and hop on the elliptical for an hour almost everyday for like a year and then now I’ve toned it down because I just don’t have the time, meaning I’ve got really good quads and on top of that I moisturise right after the shower, I’m not talking you know lightly feathering, or as my teacher would say pussy footing it on, i really moisturise  to get the oxygen in that area going, making sure there’s no build up of fat that will cause my legs to dimple like that.

So yeah, just thought that could be a reason for why cellulite was starting to appear, never ever skipping a moisturising sesh ever again and to be totally honest with you all I really believe that moisturising everyday has helped me to keep the cellulite away, now that I’ve started again, I don’t even see it anymore. Thought I’d just share that thought with you.

Alright another thought, this keyboard is really shizzing me out right now with all the stupid mistakes, I feel like I don’t know how to type ( NOTE: Caroline has a wireless keyboard that just sucks and should never of been invented because it doesn’t sync and I’m sorry I’m not tech savvy but you know come on, this is why I don’t have a smart phone, that and I refuse to conform, but I do feel like I miss out when people talk about snap chatting with the whats apping and the whatever other apps they have, just why?)

Okay back to my other thought, I spent 3 days in total working on a thesis paper for my exam, talking about how powerful the beauty industry is and can I say I dead set hate referencing. I thought it would take me 3 hours maximum,it took me the whole day making sure I had at least 15 different sources of info, i thought my keyboard was broken before,  it’s like a total abomination now. I’ve been stuck inside,I don’t even know what the sun is anymore and I live in Australia. Sad face, okay so the body of a thesis should be all factual and it was so hard for me to separate my opinions to writing something all fact because I’m so used to blogging and putting my opinions up here and I wanted to give the examiner reading my paper,a piece of my personality, you guys don’t even understand how many times I had to catch myself before I wrote right?

Miss this man, this i what I get for not blogging in a while isn’t it? Okay, will blog again soon, sending love from my fingertips, to my keyboard,onto the computer screen and through the publish button, as you clicked onto reading this post and reading these very last words. Okay bye!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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