Dear diary: I don’t even know

A round of applause everyone! guess what I did today?

I woke up this morning from honestly the worst sleep ever, so tired, meaning just too lazy to wear any makeup for college and believe it or not I lasted the whole day with no makeup on the face or the eyes and when I got home today, more tired than I was this morning it was awesome to just get into the shower and not have to worry about eye makeup remover or facial cleansing wipes and la la la.

Which got me thinking about how sometimes you’re just so used to seeing yourself with makeup on everyday, you kind of forget who you are almost. I’m not saying I wear false lashes everyday or a tonne of makeup but it’s nice to take off the makeup sometimes and just remember who you really are.

Alright well, I guess that’s my thought for the day, seriously my brain is going into overload with all these assignments coming up and finance hassling me about my fees because the people they hire don’t know how to work an eftpos machine, that is all!.  – just do not even want to go into that right now, just thinking about it makes me so mad and dare I say it, hash tag STUPID!


Sending lots of love, pumping hand made hearts like a boy band. =)


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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