SEE: Benefit They’re real beyond mascara review..

.. kind of biased though. =)

Dear Benefit brand,

I love how your packaging is always so cute, not only that, I love how your products just work, you’re advertising is purely amazing, the way your brand makes me feel about myself, ( ahhh like I can conquer the world) and I also love how your brand just fits me to a T.

I’m a huge fan of Benefit and I’m happy to go to my friends, yeah spend that money on that foundation because I know you’ll love it and yeah I was right they LOVE it.

Alright so one of my daily makeup needs is mascara and I am so in love with Benefit THEY’RE REAL beyond mascara right now, it’s not even funny. and woah that was freaky, you guys know my wireless keyboard spazzes out sometimes and I won’t even press caps but words will come out in capitals, like those two words just then, so even my keyboard thinks this mascara is amazing.

Benefit They're real beyond mascara

Benefit They’re real beyond mascara

It’s claimed as the WORLD’S #1 MASCARA! (don’t worry, caps was all me this time) and yes, I see why.

I’ve had plenty of mascaras that just run under my eyes giving me panda eyes and no girl wants that, are you kidding me? Caroline. what’s wrong? Are you okay? You have dark circles under your eyes, NO, it’s this stupid mascara that I’m wearing, okay. sob, sad face.

some further info..

some further info..

This is the most smudge proof slash budge proof mascara I have ever used, just like it states. This mascara does not move, I put this mascara on at 7:15 in the morning, every morning, I’m OCD like that, plus when I come home, I go for a run, it’s 6 p.m now, this mascara has not moved. When I say move, I’m talking about mascaras that run and leave that black mark under the eyes, this doesn’t do that, so you’ll never need to worry about touching up your mascara.

It’s long wearing, I wore it early in the morning, I’m talking 7:30 a.m till 1 a.m, I went home and this mascara was still there waiting to be taken off with eye makeup remover.

The wand

The wand

I love the length it gives my lashes, right from the base to the tip and some days all I need is a bit of that to make me feel like I have at least woken up when I really haven’t .

It’s a jet black mascara so it’s that dramatic, standout effect that makes your eyes pop and defines the eyes.

The wand, it looks like a cactus and the little spikes in it are what helps to grab all the lashes and separate them and make it look like you have more lashes than you had before. I also noticed the instant lift it gave my lashes, I’m not that lucky to have those nice curly lashes, mine grow out straight so when I noticed that lift, I was like yay!!! because I hate curling my lashes, why curl something when they’re barely there, so that’s awesome,  I get to miss out a step to my makeup routine every morning.

$38 is what I paid for an 8.5g tube, but I’ve had this since the middle of last year and I’m still using it. I also got this when it was on promotion, so buy one get a travel size for free and I was like EVEN BETTER! now I can use it on my makeup clients. I love when I get asked what mascara do you use and I answer ‘they’re real’ and then people look at me like what is she talking about and then I say no, that’s what it’s called they’re real by Benefit, love it.

I am positive that people will love this mascara, it gets Caroline’s 100%, it will rock your world guarantee and I totally just made that up, but that’s how much I love it.

However, the only thing I will say, is that it is definitely not water proof so for whatever reason, if you’re crying, (whoever made you cry tell them to stop it) or just teary eyed that day, uhh maybe not as it will run, weird like that.

Let me know you guys, what you think if you’ve tried it and if you disagree, I will reject your comment, not really, i’m totally kidding, promise.=)


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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