Dear diary: I can’t sleep!

Love you. smiley face. =) You know when you really should be blogging but kind of don’t and then say love you because you really are sorry but time just got to you? yeah love you guys.

1 month later and I’m still here people, that last month was cray cray until almost the end of may for me now. I had one of my international qualifications that was just a major social killer. Internet where have you been? I’ve missed you so much and this keyboard, the one that spazzes out on me whenever I blog, I’ve actually missed you too, until you decide to screw up again and then just forget it.

So I’ve got my winter thinking hat on, see photo to your right —-> and then down 

Like my hat guys?

Like my hat guys?

and I’m ready to blog away until the end of days. Okay I’m going to stop rhyming words now, my creative flow is just not going my way, today, hey! LOL, I’ll stop.

I go through phases of not being able to sleep at night and it’s dead set the worst feeling in the world when you’re trying to get to sleep because you have to wake up at a certain time the next morning and you just know you’re going to be tired for that whole day because your stupid head just keeps racing and thinking of things that might be so irrelevant that I don’t even know where my imagination takes me sometimes.

It’s so true what they say, that the brain is more active at night, just when you want to fall asleep, it’s like no, I don’t think so, I’m going to let you lay in bed for 3 hours just thinking and night dreaming with your eyes open, tossing and then turning and then tossing again to get a comfortable position but then flipping your pillow over because now this side is too hot and why is this stupid blanket so hot and then so cold and then are you serious now, I have to go to the bathroom.

Those nights are the worst but I have come to a solution(s) and thought I’d share some of my ways with you  guys. Here are some of the things I do to get a good sleep.

1. I drink something warm like some green tea before bed.

2. Throughout the day, I try to sleep in my bed only at night and go nap on the couch

3. I try to avoid any computer or tv games an hour before bed.

4. I turn off my bedroom light at least an hour before I want to go to sleep, to make sure it’s nice and dark

5. I have snorers in my family so ear plugs are great with an eye mask because I don’t have curtains, seriously, I’m just too lazy to put them up and man that moon is bright!

6. This one is my favourites and is the reason for my amazingsleeps lately, I do puzzles, like crosswords, sudoku ( I try), word searches. Just a puzzle book and give that a go before bed to help settle the mind

And if you find that you really can’t fall asleep or have been in bed for 30 minutes or more, get up out of bed, just walk around the house or something and then come back and give it another go. 

I kind of hope I haven’t just totally jinxed myself for tonight, but really my puzzle books have helped a lot lately and I would recommend giving them a go if you’re anything like me.

Have a great day everyone, I’ll be back with a product review soon and seriously, love you guys!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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