Dear diary: This story will make you go wow…

.. in a bad way.


Oh my goodness, it is ridiculously cold right now, I can barely write out study notes, it’s killing me!

Heya guys, what you all doing? want to know what I’m doing? I’m studying but now I’m not because I’m blogging because I can’t write it’s just too cold, I don’t even know. I think I’m just making excuses to procrastinate studying because there’s just so much to know, but NO in my defence actually, even as I am writing these notes, the information isn’t exactly going into my head, it kind of just sits there and then miraculously disappears, thus making studying ineffective, right? Just agree everyone. Sleep deprivation is what’s going on right now.

Alright so, you guys don’t even know what happened to me a few days ago, this tops the lady sneezing on some other lady’s face on purpose but alright.

So there is this girl in my class, who when I first met was fine, I got along with her, she seemed genuine, you know an all around good person. but WOAH!!! was I wrong. I’m so mad at myself for falling into this trap of a friendship because she’s just  unbelievable. We have these booklets which are given to us and it’s an exercise book where we complete different activities and we get about 2 months to finish them off. So, on the day it was due, she sits with me and asks me if I could lend her one of my booklets just because she couldn’t find out the answer to some questions, I was like sure, that’s fine, gave it, left the table and as I came back, she was pulling out another booklet that was due out of my folder that I had left on the table. I looked at her and said, what are you doing? She replied I have a few questions that I missed in this one too, so I was like oh okay and she asked if she could borrow it at lunch time and I was like, yeah, it’s fine because she told me that she really could not find the answers to these questions.

I went and had lunch with another friend and came back to the cafeteria to find that she was copying so many activities in my booklet and I was so shocked, she just kept flipping the pages and copying it straight out. I said to her, wow you missed alot, she replied yeah I know I couldn’t be bothered and seeing how much she was copying it, my friend was like you might want to change that into your own words and she said “pfft, I can’t be bothered”, my friend and I exchanged looks and then because I really could not believe how much she didn’t do, I said woah you really didn’t do alot, and do you guys know what she said to me? She said GET OVER IT! WTH, she told me to get over it when I’m the one giving her my work because I thought she genuinely couldn’t find the answers to it. My friend next to me let out this huge sound of disgust and then the other girl continued to ask if she could take my booklet home! I was like no, I need to photocopy stuff from it. So she said oh okay I’ll just take pictures then.

Why? why do I always have to deal with people like that in my life? Makes for a good story doesn’t it?

She then pretended like she did nothing wrong and went on speaking to me like i was her best friend forever. All I can think of now is why the heck did I give her my phone number, I’m so screwed because her text messages of can you please tell the teacher I’m going to be late or Do you know if this assignment is due today makes my blood boil she does it so often.

And don’t worry my teacher is very well informed of the situation, oh and stories, anybody you know in your life who is like that, drop me a comment!


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