FEEL: Missha Cleansing Pad review

I went shopping yesterday, and yes before anyone says that I have time to shop but not blog, it was during my lunch break which equates to 1 hour, so ner ner!

I thought before I start studying, I’ll just do this quick blog. =)



Ever since last year, I’ve been on the search for the olay pro x, you know the brush machine that exfoliates your skin etc etc. I can’t find it and buying online is not even an option right now, so I found this cleansing pad by MISSHA. In my head I was like even if it sucks, it’s only $6.90.

Missha cleansing pad

Missha cleansing pad

I did some research and it’s a silicon made cleansing pad which has tiny silicone bristles which help to get rid of dead skin cells, unclog pores and basically works like an exfoliating pad. What I like about this is that because it is silicon made, it’s so soft and gentle on the skin but the bristles still help to give your skin a good cleanse and at college we’re all about the double cleanse, so this works great for when you really want to make sure that makeup is off and leave your skin dirt and oil free.

On the pad you’ll find two different textures, the smaller bristles and the larger beads located on the bottom of the pad which is basically there for an awesome facial massage as you’re cleansing.

I tested this on one side of my face and I already feel the difference, it feels CLEAN and honestly I’m about to fall asleep now because those massage beads really work your facial contours. The handle makes it so easy to use and I found that the grip was a lot better than using your normal cleansing pads.

The back

The back and handle

The handle makes it so easy to use

The handle makes it so easy to use


How I use it: I just apply my cleanser onto the pad and with wet skin I work the pad over my face for a good 30 seconds and just rinse off. Washing the silicon pad, I just rinse it under warm soapy water and because it’s silicon, you can just stick the handle onto your mirror and it stays, what the heck right? Did you just read that and you were like whaaaaaaaatttt? because I did and then I tried it and it worked and I was like COOOOLL!

How to use it..

How to use it..

If anything this cleansing pad is pretty awesome and for $6.90, what a bargain. The only thing I will say is that make sure you wash this after use  because otherwise bacteria will stay on the pad and then when you go to wash your face again, it’s like your washing your face with the bacteria from before and then it might spread and yeah, learn from experience people!

Let me know guys, thoughts on this inexpensive facial cleansing silicon based pad of awesomeness.=)


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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