Dear diary: What do you do in this situation?

2 blogs one after the other, something is going on right now. Alright ladies and gents, let’s talk or I talk and you guys read, here is what happened to me travelling home from college today..

An old lady pushed me! I repeat, an old lady PUSHED me, well actually she shoved me with her shoulders and said something in her language towards me because apparently I was in her way.

Okay so, I got on the train and being peak hour there are never any seats and I didn’t want to sit in the area where you let pregnant women sit, the elderly or disabled people because you know they might really need to sit down, so this is me being courteous, I stand in that area and allow other people to sit down. I stood near the doorway and as we’re approaching the next station, the train stopped to open the doors and I stood back to let people in after I checked if anybody was getting up from the area to get off the train, nobody stood up so, I moved back and people started walking in and all of a sudden after everybody had got on, I just felt a huge shove on my side and I looked at this lady who shoved me, she was death staring me as she got off the train and I don’t know what language she was speaking, but it wasn’t pleasant, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this lady was pissed off. I mean am I wrong to be upset that instead of tapping me on the shoulder if you can’t speak English or saying excuse me would be more appropriate. I’m sorry, I do not have eyes in the back of head, I do not know that you are there, I mean nobody stood up to get off at this station and people were already boarding the train so I assumed yeah no one else is getting off.

Please did I do something wrong, I’m pretty upset, I don’t like it when I make people feel bad, I think that’s why I’m such a happy person because I like seeing people smiling, even if I don’t know them. When I’m having a bad day and I see other people laughing and having fun, good on them, I don’t want them to be feeling as bad as I do.

I was just lost after that happened, so I called my friend who has that kind of  take no crap from anybody kind of attitude, she started laughing because she couldn’t believe that happened either and then I started freaking out even more because what if she put a curse on me, I mean I didn’t understand what she was saying and my friend just kept on laughing and being the germaphobe I just felt disgusting right after she shoved me because personal space people, come on.

I don’t know guys, I feel pretty crap about myself and just needed to blog it out, but really what do you do in that situation, where you’re not going to tell off an elderly, would you?



2 thoughts on “Dear diary: What do you do in this situation?

  1. Just let it go. You will never be able to please everyone, and you should never try to. Who knows what frame of mind that lady was in? You never know what’s going on in her life that caused her to behave like that. Some people are going through such torment in their lives that they don’t even realize how they’re behaving to others around them . . . and some people just like being jerks. It really doesn’t matter what the case is — just forgive her and let it go. If you base your happiness on how other people treat you, you will never be happy. Show mercy, show grace and forgive her. Once you do, you’ll find that you’re not upset about it anymore. 🙂


    • Yeah it’s one of those situations where you feel horrible in the beginning but then you just give it time and now I’m fine, kind of completely over it.
      To be honest, omg you think like me, that’s my advice to my friends when something happens to them, I just never listen to what I have to say, I guess you just get caught up in the situation and that’s all you can think about.
      Anyways, thanks for that. =)


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